Countdown to Iron Bowl 2011

After a year of waiting, the most anticipated day in SEC football is here. Auburn and Alabama will square off in exactly two and a half hours, and even as I sit in a crowded Starbucks with spotty internet and the occasional crying Spanish child, waiting to stream the game on my iPad, I am feeling more pumped up and impervious to these little annoyances. In this sea of dark jackets and sweaters, Janna and I stick out like soon-to-be victorious Auburn thumbs. I’m wearing my Dad’s vintage Harris tweed jacket (a Christmas gift to him from my mother 30 years ago), my orange North Face raincoat, and blue polo with the Auburn logo emblazoned on the breast pocket. Janna is decked out in jeans, tee, orange scarf, and Auburn-themed Mardi Gras beads. Yep, we definitely don’t fit in, but we’re stoked about the game. Unless a die-hard, classless Bammer prances into this Starbucks at the corner of Calle de Atocha in Madrid, Spain, my patience and excitement will not be broken. However, I can’t make any promises after the game starts…

This photo was taken this morning by Mr. T, an Auburn friend


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